Photographer: Lindee Robinson - Model: Chelsey Korte - Hair/MUA: Noel Fischetti

CHROMA | Bridget Sullivan/Bridget Sullivan Designs | Courtney Chin+Romica Singh/ROGUEHAA


RogueHAA’s collaboration with Bridget Sullivan, a local fashion and textile designer, produced “Chroma,” a design combining tradition and technology with hand-sewn vintage fabrics and 3D printed pieces.  “Chroma” was the finale piece of Sullivan’s latest collection, which was presented at Detroit Design Festival’s Eastern Market After Dark event.  Sullivan and HAA used impressionist color blending, the fluidity of ballet movement, and pleated fabric manipulations to merge dissimilar materials and techniques.

Sullivan and HAA collaborated from the design’s initial concept through fabrication.  They studied sewing techniques, such as smocking and pleating, which provide both rigidity and flexibility to fabric.  Printed modules emulate the flexibility and repetition of smocking and transition into pleats that receive and manipulate the fabric.

Check out more about the AIA fashion show here: Bridget Sullivan Designs