As part of Capital Access, Inc.’s (CAI) commitment to providing tools that improve the decision making process for Connecticut’s NSP2 Consortium Cities, HAA is proud to have created an Excel based Value Guide.  We believe we have created a tool that when used by managers, developers and construction professionals, will help navigate the myriad of choices that must made when providing energy efficiency and marketability upgrades for NSP2 funded housing.  Because energy and building codes are State based, we’ve now created two versions of the Value Guide.  This new version complies with Connecticut Building and Energy Codes.  It’s designed to be used by managers, developers and construction professionals who work within the State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Value Guide is designed to:

  • Encourage incorporation of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly design elements.
  • Provide a checklist of design amenities that will maximize marketability.
  • Provide rough construction cost and cost savings information.
  • Provide a single source document for testing alternative design scenarios.
  • Create a marketing brochure for use with potential home buyers.

In addition to the Excel based workbook, the Value Guide is supported by a reference binder containing:

  • Recommended product specifications.
  • A list of Connecticut based Manufacturers (as collected from the USGBC).
  • A list of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly products used in generating the workbook’s cost data.

All of these described products can be downloaded here: