rogueHAA is pleased to announce their next event, The archiCULTURAL SHIFT.  As an integral component to the Detroit Design Festival, this event is comprised of an exhibition, panel discussion, and SPACEBUSTER by Raumlabor installation.  All components seek to address the following issues and aim to foster creative relationships between the architectural and informational technology design communities.

Historically, architecture has been understood, practiced, and theorized as the discipline of space – the designed manipulation and configuration of form, material and structure.  Evolving throughout the millennia, architecture has also been employed to identify and solve social conditions through the use of materials and spatial arrangements. 

In the last few decades, numerous design and architectural critics and theorists have identified cultural shifts within technological societies – from space-centered institutions to time-centered institutions, from material-based economies to information-based economies.

The expansion of publicly available information and the compression of time have affected all design practices, but none more so than the architectural profession.  Compared with other design fields, the prevalent architectural process – project creation, conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, permitting, construction coordination – appears extremely sluggish.  As practicing professionals, we have taken notice.  More importantly, the public and our clients have taken notice.  Our society continues to desire results in shorter amounts of time, often to the detriment of the design process and final product.  As our technological culture continues to shift toward accelerated means of production, will The Architect, one who practices a traditional space-based profession, become increasingly minimized?  Has the Architecture-of-Space become temporal, immaterial, and marginalized?  How can Architecture infiltrate the current information-driven social conditions prevalent within today’s society?  Are we on the precipice of an archiCULTURAL SHIFT?

All events will occur at The MIES Storefront,  1565 East Lafayette, Detroit.
A breakdown of the three day event is as follows:

Friday |Sept 21 | 5-9pm
On Friday, the exhibition opens at 5pm.  Thanks to the generous support of Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY,  the SPACEBUSTER by Raumlabor will also be on display in the parking lot.  Spacebuster is a mobile inflatable structure – a portable, expandable pavilion – that is designed to transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering.  District VII,  a Detroit studio focused on the diversity and amalgamation of Art and Technology, will occupy the Spacebuster structure with multiple video projections.  The panel discussion will begin at 6pm and conclude around 8pm.

Saturday and Sunday |Sept 22-23 |12-5pm
On Saturday and Sunday, the exhibition will be open to the public from noon until 5pm.   The exhibition will include illustrations, works, and video projections from the panelists and other invited designers.  The list of invited designers is still in flux as we are working on that portion of the event now.  If you are interested in submitting work for the exhibition, please contact

Saturday |Sept 23 |7 – 9pm
A fundraiser will be held within the THE MIES space on Saturday evening.  In collaboration with the DEGC and Lafayette Foods, the community is organizing a fundraiser event to benefit future retail and neighborhood amenities within the Lafayette Strip Mall.  More details to come.  If you are intested in contributing to the fundraiser, please contact

As always, the public is encouraged to attend these free events.

Once again, rogueHAA would like to thank Lafayette Foods for the use of their storefront for this event.