lecturesHAAis dedicated to creating a broader creative discourse through open and collaborative dialogue. The program includes lectures and discussions throughout the year that will consider important contemporary design issues associated with the urban environment.

The initial program for 2009 will be “Challenging Detroit: (Re)generating Urbanism.” This program will provide an important platform for consideration of innovative, multidisciplinary strategies designed to help the city not only create reinvestment and redevelopment, but also begin to regenerate the social, economic and environmental attributes that define it. Now, more than ever, we need to come together to understand how we can effectively participate in the thoughtful, creative regeneration of Detroit.

While it is relatively unconventional for a professional design firm such as Hamilton Anderson Associates to create and coordinate a lecture program such as this, we feel that by leveraging our resources and interests in design, we may more fully establish a fertile exchange of ideas that helps to bridge the gap between the creative community and the community at-large.

The public is encouraged to attend these free events. Please return to rogueHAA for future dates and topics.

EVENT 01: Lecture
design 99: Current Works in the City -Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope, Architects

Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope believe that contemporary architecture and design is not reserved for a select audience.  Rather, Design 99 offers inexpensive, contemporary design to the general public for a 99 cents per hour fee.   Part retail space, part architectural design studio, Design 99’s hamtramck studio blurs the distinction between art and design while reinforcing open collaboration with several individuals, organizations, and the public.  This open collaboration has resulted in several provocative projects:  Power House Project, MOCAD’s Shrinking Cities Exhibit, Tree of Heaven Workshop, and The Detroit Design Guide.

June 23, 6pm
Johanson Charles Gallery
1345 Division
Eastern Market

EVENT 02: Lecture
Jim Griffioen, Writer and Photographer
August – Date TBD
Location TBD

EVENT 03: Lecture
Lars Graebner, Architect
October – Date TBD
Location TBD