RogueHAA’s DLECTRICITY submission, Light Terrain, was one of the 35 installations chosen of 225 global submissions.  Light Terrain will be installed on the southwest corner of Woodward and Warren, across from the Wayne State University Welcome Center.

For more information about rogueHAA’s concept and project statement for Light Terrain, see DLECTRICITY Competition Entry.

“Inspired by nighttime arts festivals from around the world, DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s new nighttime, contemporary light art festival, will host 35 local, national and international artists whose cutting edge works of art, lighting design and performance will illuminate the historic architecture of Midtown. For two electrifying evenings, Midtown Detroit will be enveloped in a sea of light as a number of artists converge on Detroit to “light up” buildings and city spaces in Midtown using various mediums that meld sci-fi technology with Victorian spectacle on a grand scale.”

DLECTRICITY is a production of Midtown, Inc. and Detroit Gallery Week.